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Many people prefer devouring homely food items even when away from home. And when it comes to serving homely food menus to customers, nothing beats the popularity of Frisch’s Big Boys’ bar breakfast.

The restaurant is famous for its bar breakfast menu that includes a big fruit bar, soup, and salad for a fantastic experience. If you wish to taste this delicacy, you should know Frisch’s Big Boy Breakfast Bar Hours. Here, you will get to know about it. Yes, Frisch’s serve their popular bar breakfast six days a week, and it usually lasts for 3 hours. Now, it’s time to jump deep into the discussion so that you might know the bar breakfast hour, menu, and serving requirements in detail.

Frisch’s Big Boy Breakfast Bar Hours (About Frisch’s Big Boy)

We all know about Big Boy, one of the biggest chain restaurants in the USA. Frisch’s is one of their regional restaurant chains, and it operates mainly in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee areas with over 100 shops.

Big Boy took over Frisch’s in 1947; Frisch’s is operating under them with reputation. However, in 2001, Frisch’s become more prominent as they became the exclusive owner of Big Boy’s trademark in their serving area. It allowed them to serve their customers almost independently while also preparing and serving the popular menus of the original Big Boy.

One of the most popular items served by Frisch’s Big Boy is the double patty hamburger. But, they are also known for their bar-style breakfast items.

What Time Does  Frisch’s Big Boy Serve Breakfast?

Frisch’s Big Boy serves their bar breakfast seven days a week from Monday to Sunday. However, their breakfast hours vary on different days of the week. They usually start their breakfast hours at 8 AM every morning. It is quite late when you compare it with the other popular restaurants in America who mostly start their breakfast hours around 6 AM to 7 AM.

DayOpening hoursClosing hours

Nonetheless, the late breakfast hour starting of Frisch’s Big Boy hasn’t impacted them. As soon as Frisch’s Big Boy opens their restaurants, it takes only a few minutes for them to start serving their popular breakfast items. So, you won’t have to wait too long to have your favorite bar breakfast at any of their outlets.

Their breakfast items are served continuously until 11 AM each day. Hence, you will actually get 3 hours to visit Big Boy Frisch’s and have your yummy breakfast. But on Saturday, the restaurant extends their breakfast hours to 1 PM. And on Sunday, they even extend it up to 2 PM. Isn’t it Amazing?

When does Frisch’s Big Boy Breakfast Bar start serving?

Do you want to taste the Smashed Avocado, Crumbled sausage, Beef Patty, or Cottage Cheese of Frisch’s Big Boys before going to your workplace?

Well, you need to wait until 8 AM since the restaurants usually open at around 8 AM, and they take a couple of minutes to start serving their popular and mouthwatering bar breakfast. The time may vary only slightly depending on the various outlet locations. Nonetheless, it won’t be more than a 5-minute variation. So, it shouldn’t affect your breakfast routine. Also, they continue serving their breakfast items from Monday to Saturday at the same time.

When does Frisch’s Big Boy Breakfast Bar end serving?

Frisch’s Big Boy continues to serve their breakfast for 3 hours, starting at 8 AM. It means their breakfast hours usually last until 11 AM. This routine is from Monday to Friday for every chain restaurant outlet.

Om Saturday, Frisch’s Big Boy extends their usual breakfast hours to 1 PM. On Sunday, Frisch’s Big Boy will entertain you with their favorite breakfast bars until 2 PM. Thus, you can rise late on your weekend and still eat your favorite breakfast meal from the restaurant.

Breakfast HourDay
8 AM to 11 AMMonday to Friday
8 AM to 1 PMSaturday
8 AM to 2 PMSunday

Does Frisch’s Big Boy serve breakfast all day?

The breakfast bar is the most popular food item of Frisch’s Big Boy. So, people go in numbers to taste their delicacy. But for this, you must visit their outlets during their breakfast hours.

Unfortunately, Frisch’s Big Boy doesn’t serve their bar breakfast throughout the day. Once their breakfast hour is over, you will get to eat all their menus except the bar breakfast. So, you need to be aware of it if you want to taste their special double-patty hamburger in your breakfast item.

Frisch’s Big Boy has a wide range of breakfast menus to cater to every person’s tastes. Thus, you are never left with a few items to choose from to fulfill your appetite. Some of their popular breakfast menus are:

  • Hash browns served with toast and jelly
  • Hash brown burrito served with cheese, bacon, and egg
  • hash brown burrito served with egg, cheese, and sausage
  • Californian and English style Omelette
  • Turkey-style sausage patty

Apart from the main meals, you can choose from their different beverages. So, you will enjoy their bar breakfast.

How much does a Frisch’s Big Boy buffet cost?

Frisch’s Big Boy Breakfast Buffet Start $11.99 with coffee and our delicious breakfast buffet. 

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Final Words

Samuel Frisch established the restaurant chain in 1939. After the 2nd World War, Frisch was associated with Big Boy and has seen tremendous popularity in Ohio. Thanks to its continuous quest for quality and healthy food, it now has over 100+ outlets across the USA.

Naturally, many people start their day with a Frisch’s breakfast. Thankfully, Frisch’s Big Boy breakfast bar hour is quite long, from 8 AM to 11 AM from Monday to Friday. On Saturday, it extends to 1 PM, and on Sunday, you can enjoy their breakfast up to 2 PM.

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